The State's early summer has led the education Department to settle on half-day classes, which will start on march 15. Regardless of the administration, schools will operate on a half-day schedule through april 23, which is the last day of the academic year. Because the sessions are half-day, they will run from 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

After class, students at government schools will have a midday meal. On the other hand, midday meals are served first in schools that have been approved as SSC Public Exam locations and afternoon courses follow. After lunch, special lessons will be held for individuals taking the SSC Public Examinations in 2024.

The dates of the SSC Public Examinations 2024 are set for march 18–April 2. According to the timetable made public by the Directorate of government Examinations on Saturday, the first language tests will start on march 18. The social studies paper is the last major test, and on march 30 the OSSC main language paper I, the vocational course (theoretical) exam on april 1, and the OSSC main language paper II on april 2 are the final examinations. The scientific examination will now take place over two days rather than on a single day, as previously planned. The physical and biological science exams are set for march 26 and 28.

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