An unmanaged excavation, more than ten feet deep and loosely guarded with a series of cement barriers, is located in the middle of Tilak nagar Road. The location is a catastrophe waiting to happen, with sharp metal bars peeping out of the barriers and no radium labels on them. The roadway has also been made narrower.
One such instance of the appalling condition of Hyderabad's roadways is the incomplete civil work in a highly populated region, which poses a serious risk to onlookers and drivers alike.

Potholes, uneven surfaces, absence of lane markings, inadequate illumination, and several other roads dug up by authorities for drainage or other pipeline works are just a few of the numerous difficulties commuters deal with on a daily basis.
Driving on city roads is a difficult undertaking, as seen by navigating these badly maintained sections and being aware of road hogs and jaywalkers.
There are areas of the city where roads have been replaced with muddy pathways interspersed with sections of concrete, causing traffic jams and damage to vehicles. Doodhbowli, Amberpet, Uppal, and other nearby areas have some of the worst roads.

Rabinder Rao from Himayathnagar remarked, "The city's roads are in poor shape, and municipal authorities don't seem to be bothered about improving them."

Jyothsna from srinagar Colony agrees, saying that it appears the authorities have neglected road maintenance and recarpeting.

Regularly utilized roadways in the city's interior are generally given little or no care. Not only do many residential neighborhoods have roads where your car's headlights are the main source of illumination, but patchwork repairs are also common and frequently prove to be temporary fixes. Certain sections, like the one near Kavadiguda, feature an excessive number of drainage grates, which forces drivers to take rests every other minute.

There are several roads in the city with fading stop lines and lane markers, which contributes to the general bad driving behavior. There are no reflective road barriers or lane markers on ntr Marg in Hussain Sagar.
In addition to the difficulties faced by drivers, city streets pose a risk to pedestrian safety due to a dearth of usable pavements, many of which are being encroached upon.

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