Unquestionably, one of the most well-known and dynamic actresses in the nation right now is rashmika Mandanna. The actress made history recently when she went to the Crunchyroll Anime Awards in tokyo as the first Indian. Just a few days ago, the actress was spotted rushing to catch her flight to the island country at the mumbai airport.
 In the most recent development, rashmika mandanna talked candidly about her eagerly awaited movie pushpa 2: The Rule during an exclusive interview that india Herald was able to have with her in Japan. The actress talked about meeting up with the cast and crew again after a three-year break in addition to her role in the next movie.

Regarding her part as Srivalli in pushpa 2: The Rule, she disclosed that she is now Pushpa's wife, which entails a great deal of responsibility. She went on to say that there is "a lot more masala" in the movie and that there is a lot more drama and character problems in the sequel.
The actress also talked candidly about working with a perfectionist filmmaker like Sukumar, adding that both the artists and the movie are held to high standards. She went on to say that the artist decides how much of themselves to give and that, for that specific day, her performance in pushpa 2 was her finest.

She further said, “It starts feeling like home. Like, when you finished one film, and towards the end of the film you get really connected with the cast and crew, right, so when you have the part 2 coming, again you’re like ‘Hey, what’s up!?’ and you just, sort of like - it’s party time”

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