Hero akhil akkineni last appeared in the april release of Agent, a box office disaster. akhil hasn't made any movie announcements or filming news since. By the way, akhil is more visible on cricket grounds than movie sets. He is travelling to several cricket fields worldwide and participating in the Celebrity cricket League season. akhil appears to be enjoying this stage of the cricket event based on his activity on the pitch.
Fans will have to settle for these footage of akhil playing cricket if they want to see him on the big screen. His batting prowess is delivering some things to them. Although akhil hasn't yet revealed what his next movie would be, he is now playing cricket. Although akhil may be enjoying this new stage of his life, his admirers are becoming increasingly concerned about his career plans, which is what matters most in this situation.

Although there have been rumours that Ahil is collaborating with Anil, a first-time filmmaker, under the uv creations umbrella, there has been no official word on this as of yet. We just need to wait a few more days to know what will be Akhil's next action plan! 

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