Superstar varun Tej has a talent for creating original films that aim to give viewers something different. The execution falls short of expectations, even if the goal may be correct. In the telugu states, his most recent movie, Operation Valentine, made less than one crore at the box office—a figure that is hardly noteworthy. The principal cause of the problem is the dearth of publicity for Varun's flicks. The tried-and-true method calls for carefully scheduling indie films in between commercial ones.

The films that varun has recently acted in include Gaddalakonda Ganesh, Ghani, f3, Gandheevadari Arjuna, and Operation Valentine. There are three experimental films among the five. Although f3 and Ganesh were successful, further tragedies left Varun's market incredibly fragile. It would be better to have a firm foundation with a consolidated market before taking the experimental route. 

Varun's market should be immediately revived by scoring consecutive commercial blockbusters, which will allow him to make one or more new age attempts in the future. Even if varun creates an excellent experimental picture, it could not reach its full potential owing of the depressing market, which undermines the entire purpose, if there isn't the right balance between commercial and new-age films.

However, varun has stated that he will keep making experimental films in spite of the shifting industry. This is a fantastic notion, but varun could be headed in the right direction if he can carefully combine his films—like nani does with his commercial ones and new endeavors—into one another.

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