The box office result of Operation valentine has been quite disappointing. Even with heavy advertising and varun Tej's star power, the movie was not able to hold the attention of viewers, especially in Hindi-speaking areas where its opening day receipts of a startlingly low 20 lakhs were received. The movie might end its lifetime earnings with less than 1 crore net in Hindi.
There was noticeably less enthusiasm for Operation valentine, even in the domestic telugu market. Although "Operation Valentine" sought to be grandiose, its poor technical execution ruined its chances from the start. Fighter, a superb movie about the same issue, did not do well. Then, despite all of varun Tej and the team's promotional efforts, the destiny of a technically flawed hindi movie such as Operation valentine was decided even before it was released.
 This brings up important issues about Tollywood's strategy for VFX-heavy productions. Such endeavours run the danger of depressing both producers and consumers if sufficient funding is not available and there is no dedication to improving the finished result. Furthermore, it is detrimental to truly ambitious endeavours to characterise these films as "pan-Indian." It is detrimental to all parties concerned. Essentially, the lacklustre success of "Operation Valentine" serves as a warning, emphasising the value of artistic merit over grandiosity in motion picture productions.


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