In the midst of a robust rally in the stock market, the IPO market continues to flourish, with seven companies set to launch Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) in the upcoming week. Following last week's introduction of six IPOs, this week's offerings are anticipated to collectively raise over Rs 1,300 crore, presenting a plethora of potential earning opportunities for investors.

Among the companies debuting on the mainboard are rk Swamy, JG Chemicals, and Gopal Snacks, all aiming to raise significant capital through their IPOs. Last week saw various companies successfully raising over Rs 3,000 crore through IPOs, showcasing the continued enthusiasm in the market.

The schedule for mainboard IPOs is as follows: rk Swamy, set to raise Rs 423 crore, opens on march 4 and closes on march 6 with a price band of Rs 270-288. JG Chemicals, with a price band of Rs 210-221, opens on march 5 and closes on march 7. Gopal Snacks plans to raise Rs 650 crore, and its IPO will open on march 6, concluding on march 11, with a price band of Rs 381-401.

In the SME segment, VR Infra space, Sona Machinery, Shree Karni Fabcom, and pune E-Stock Broking are collectively aiming to raise just over Rs 150 crore through their IPOs. With VR Infra space opening on march 4, Sona Machinery on march 5, and Shree Karni Fabcom and pune E-Stock Broking both opening on march 6, these offerings further contribute to the dynamic IPO market.

Investors are advised to approach these opportunities with caution and seek professional guidance, considering the inherent market risks associated with investments. It is crucial to exercise prudence and diligence in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of IPO investments.

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