The current era is dominated by the internet, social media, smartphones, and artificial intelligence (AI). While AI has proven to be a powerful tool, its influence sometimes extends beyond control, leading to controversies. In light of a recent incident involving Google's AI platform generating a controversial response about prime minister Modi, the central government has stepped in. Union Electronics and IT minister Rajeev chandrasekhar stated that Google's gemini AI platform's response violated indian IT laws.

Google's gemini AI tool, despite being in a trial stage, faced scrutiny after a controversial response. The government issued an advisory to social media and other platforms, emphasizing their responsibilities in preventing the hosting of illegal content, especially by AI models in the testing phase. This move followed Google's recent action against some indian startups over service fee disputes, which led to their removal from the Play Store. The government's intervention resulted in the restoration of these indian apps.

The controversy surrounding gemini AI's response to a question indirectly labeling Modi sparked the government's attention. The AI tool's response, comparing Modi to former US President donald trump and President of ukraine Zelensky, raised concerns. In response, the government issued an advisory on march 1 to platforms and intermediaries, instructing them to label AI models in the testing phase and prevent them from hosting illegal content. The Ministry of Electronics and Information warned of criminal action against those who fail to comply with these regulations, emphasizing the responsibility of platforms and intermediaries in preventing violations.

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