The calcutta High court has made a noteworthy ruling, stating that calling a woman, especially if her face is not known, "darling" is not permissible. The court, presided over by Justice jai Sengupta, emphasized that addressing a woman in this manner without her consent constitutes sexual harassment and can be deemed a criminal offense under the indian Penal Code.

The judgment stems from a case involving a female constable who, while managing traffic during durga puja in kolkata, detained a man causing disruptions. The accused addressed the constable as "Darling" and asked if she would fine him. Taking offense to this, the constable filed a case.

Justice jai Sengupta asserted that women, including wives, have their self-esteem, and using endearments like "darling" should be based on the individual's preferences. The judge emphasized that such expressions should be used with respect and consideration for a woman's sentiments and dignity. The ruling implies that calling a woman "darling" without her consent is an offense, regardless of whether the person is under the influence of alcohol or is the woman's husband.

In this particular case, the accused was sentenced to three months in jail and fined Rs. 10,000. The court's decision raises awareness about the importance of respecting women's preferences and maintaining decorum in addressing them.

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