Businesses in Kothur's Jahangeer Peer Dargah that sell black clay pots report booming sales in the lead-up to summer. Black clay water pots, plates, and other items are much sought by the parties that visit the 720-year-old Dargah of Hazarat Jahangir Peeran and Hazarat Burhanuddin at Inmulnarva village of kothur Mandal in ranga reddy district.

Both of the saints are said to have traveled from Iraq's main city of Baghdad to this location to teach islam and to have died here. The cost of each clay item ranges from Rs 50 to Rs 200, and there is a high demand for them. Families of potters in the village of Inmulanara produce and market the goods. We create the items at our workshop and sell them in J P Dargah's market. The pottery maker Mahesh stated, "Business is good during vacations.

During the summer, there is a greater demand for water pots; during other seasons, individuals purchase coin banks and utensils of all sizes. Visitors to the shrine carry it with them as a memento. The Dargah and its environs are to be developed at an approximate cost of Rs 100 crore by the telangana Wakf Board.

The reconstruction of the masjid to accommodate Muslims during friday prayers and Urs, the construction of 20 new Niyaz khana sheds, the construction of a sandal khana, three shopping complexes, guest houses for VIPs and other pilgrims, a modern slaughterhouse, drinking water facilities, restrooms, drainage systems, CC roads, bus shelters, attractive landscaping around the dargah, parking lots, and other pilgrim amenities are some of the major proposals. After two inaugural programmes and five years, nothing has been established. According to sources, only paperwork has been completed thus far.


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