The telangana State Public service Commission (TSPSC), a primary hiring organization, is dealing with a staffing shortfall. The present workforce is under tremendous pressure to hire new staff for the various State government agencies as a result of this situation.
There are reportedly about 50 open positions out of the 128 authorized positions across several categories. The majority of open positions fall into the junior assistant cadre, which is an entry-level role. There is a dearth of assistant section officials at the TSPSC as well.

According to TSPSC sources, in addition to hurting employees' emotional and physical health, the staffing shortfall has created a tense work atmosphere. Employees are under pressure and stress because of the personnel shortage since everything in the workplace needs to be done by a certain date. According to reports, some staff members are putting in extra hours to make sure notifications, exams, or results are released on time.
One of the important positions in the commission, Controller of Examinations, is now unfilled as BM Santhosh was moved by the State government. The only position filled by a delegation from another department was that of assistant controller of examination. It is alleged that the Commission asked the government to hire 150 employees so that it could temporarily overcome its staffing shortage. Sources claim that the plan called for hiring 50 workers through deputation and 100 people through direct recruitment.

AEE job aspirants stage protest
The candidates for the position of Assistant Executive engineer (AEE) staged a demonstration outside the telangana State Public service Commission (TSPSC) headquarters, demanding the verification of credentials and the issuance of appointment letters.
The candidates bemoaned the fact that they were still waiting for a notification from the Commission about the verification of certificates for the selected candidates, even after the general ranking list was revealed six months ago.
1,540 AEE positions in various departments were announced by TSPSC, and on january 22, 2023, a computer-based recruitment exam was held. However, the problem with the question paper leak forced the cancellation of the exam. A general ranking list was made public in september 2023 following a retake of the test on May 9, 2023.

One of the candidates, sushanth Reddy, told the india Herald that they had visited the commission at least ten times in the previous few months to discuss hiring AEE positions. The TSPSC Chairman informed us that the application of a horizontal reservation for women to positions in six departments was the reason for the recruitment delay. According to Reddy, the commission sent letters to departments and received new indents with horizontal reservations.

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