In comparison to BRS and Congress, the bjp has announced the candidates for the 2019 general elections first. Ten candidates have been named by the party thus far, nagar kurnool among them, causing division within the party. Pothuganti Ramulu, the son of BRS current MP, has been given the ticket for nagar kurnool and has lately joined the BJP. 

Within the party, this move has shocked everyone, especially Bangaru Laxman's daughter, the former national president of the BJP. The daughter of Sushmaswaraj was allotted a seat in Delhi, while Shruti, the daughter of Bangaru Laxman, was selected by the high command for nagar Kurnool.

The Goshamahal bjp mla raja Singh took issue with bjp state president Kishan Reddy's decision to run a female opponent against mim in the hyderabad constituency: madhavi latha of Virinchi Hospitals. asaduddin owaisi will represent madhavi latha in the mim stronghold. raja Singh made a mocking remark about Kishan's inability to locate a male candidate. Dharmapuri Arvind, a nizamabad MP, chastised Bandi Sanjay openly. 

He stated that he does not believe the theory that Bandi Sanjay's ouster as president is what caused the BJP's graph to decline. Arvind reminded everyone that when the bjp won four lok sabha seats in 2019, Bandi Sanjay was not the president. He added that during Bandi Sanjay's leadership, the bjp lost the byelections for GHMC, Nagarjunasagar, and Munugodu. The BJP's prospects are not good given the changes occurring inside the party barely one month before the national elections.

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