India-Pakistan match ticket price 1.86 crore rupees..!?

 The 20 Over cricket world cup will be jointly hosted by the united states and the west indies in june this year. The indian cricket team will face ireland in their first match on june 5. The second match will be against pakistan on june 9. The third match is against the USA on june 12. All three matches will be held in New York. The maximum ticket price for this match is Rs 1.86 crore.
Tickets for all 20-over world cup matches including india and pakistan have been sold. But now tickets are being resold for all matches. These tickets are sold on sites like StubHub and SeatGeek. What is surprising is that according to USA Today the ticket prices for the two matches of the indian team have reached Rs 1.86 crore. In this, the ticket price for the India-Pakistan match alone has reached Rs.1.86 crore.According to ICC, during the first phase of ticket sales, the minimum price of tickets will be Rs 497. Whereas the maximum price has been kept at Rs.33,148 (excluding tax). Apart from this, no additional fee has been charged. However, the price of VIP tickets offered on these resale sites was around Rs 33.15 lakh. Adding the fees of these resale sites to this, the price comes to around Rs.41.44 lakhs. Meanwhile, the cheapest ticket for the India-Pakistan match on StubHub is Rs. 1.04 lakh, and the most expensive ticket on SeatGeek is Rs 1.86 crore. This includes the fees of these sites. India-Pakistan ODI world cup 2023 tickets sold for the highest price of Rs 57.15 lakh.

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