The performance of hdfc bank has garnered attention, especially since the merger with its NBFC counterpart hdfc, leading to a significant drop in investor interest over the past year. The bank's shares have experienced a decline of approximately 16 percent in the last year, but they still remain 467 percent higher than the rate 13 years ago, presenting a potential opportunity for investors.
As of Monday, hdfc bank shares were trading at Rs 1427.30, reflecting a 0.21 percent decline. The bank's market capitalization has reached Rs 10.86 lakh crore, making it the third-largest company in the country. Despite this, the shares have witnessed a nearly 10 percent decline on BSE in the last six months and a 15.86 percent decrease in a year. The American Depository Receipt (ADR) of the bank is currently at $55.01, showing an 11.73 percent decrease in six months and a 17.43 percent drop in one year.

Despite the recent downturn, hdfc Bank's stock holds the title of a multi bagger, and there are opportunities for potential profits with the current decline in its share price. The stock is down about 19 percent from its 52-week high of Rs 1757.80. For long-term investors, this share has the potential to emerge as a star, having previously provided returns of up to three times the investment.

HDFC bank had undergone share splits in 2011, leading to an increase in the number of shares for investors. The current expectations suggest that the stock might go up by 20 to 35 percent. Experts anticipate a gradual return to its pre-merger position, and the bank's shares may reach Rs 1750 in the coming months, potentially experiencing a 35 percent jump within a year, according to Trendline data.

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