Just 9 minutes! This is what happened at Rameswaram Cafe!?

In the Bangalore restaurant blast, when the suspect came to Rameswaram Cafe and left with a bomb, it is now known. The bomb blast that took place in a restaurant in Bangalore on march 1 caused huge shockwaves across the country. In the context of the lok sabha elections approaching, such a bomb blast incident in a metropolis like Bengaluru has created a lot of excitement. Now the National Investigation Agency has taken up the case. A blast took place on the evening of march 1 at a restaurant called Rameswaram Cafe in Brookfield, the capital of karnataka, Bengaluru. A total of 10 people were said to have been injured in the blast, but a youth was found linked to the incident through CCTV. The NIA has launched a series of investigations to trace him.
The young blast suspect was wearing a gray t-shirt while wearing a mask. A cap was also seen on the CCTV video. In that way, at the time of the blast, a lot of sensational information was revealed through the CCTV videos found in the area. Analysis of the video revealed that the man walked into the Rameswaram cafe, planted the bomb, and came out in just 9 minutes. The suspected bomber got off a bus and went to Rameswaram Cafe. There the person who ordered him rava idli eats it and comes out. It is said that he spent only 9 minutes in that restaurant. It is said that the CCTV video was examined for a total of 2 hours.The man, wearing a gray t-shirt, white cap, and face mask, got off the bus at 11.10 am. Also, at exactly 11.34 the man goes to Rameswaram Cafe with a pack. It is said that the bomb was in it. Then, at 11.38, he was standing with a bag on his shoulder and Rava Idli in his hand. At exactly 11.44 am, it was revealed that he had washed his hands and came out of the restaurant after not eating the rava idli. At 11.50 the man was recorded walking down the road looking at his watch. The bomb exploded at exactly 12.56 pm. That is, 11.34 when he entered the team and came out in 9 minutes, he went out in about 50 minutes. An investigation is underway as to which way the suspect might have gone. In particular, karnataka Home minister G Parameswara had said that 40-50 CCTV videos have been captured related to this blast and the culprit will be arrested soon.

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