The statement made by Udhayanidhi stalin, comparing Sanatan dharma to diseases like 'Dengue' and 'Malaria' and calling for its eradication, led to controversy and faced strong criticism. The supreme Court's reprimand and questioning of Udhayanidhi Stalin's comments during the hearing reflect the judiciary's stance on such sensitive matters.

Prime minister Narendra Modi, while addressing a public meeting in Chennai, seized the opportunity to criticize Udhayanidhi Stalin's remarks. PM Modi accused stalin -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>udhayanidhi stalin of insulting the faith of millions of people and characterized it as the 'hallmark of dynasty.'

PM Modi further extended his criticism to the Congress, DMK, and the parties associated with the indian alliance. He labeled them as parties of corruption and family members, suggesting that their focus is primarily on their families and engaging in corrupt practices. PM Modi welcomed the supreme Court's decision to overturn a protection given to corrupt leaders associated with the indian alliance.

The controversy surrounding Udhayanidhi Stalin's comments and the subsequent legal scrutiny highlight the importance of responsible and sensitive communication, especially for public figures and political leaders. Such incidents often trigger debates on freedom of speech, religious tolerance, and the role of leaders in promoting harmony and understanding among diverse communities.

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