The hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), taking notice of encroachments at the ancient Khajaguda rocks, removed illegally erected gates within the site on Monday. The heritage site, which has been under attack for the past two years, was also kept in the hands of hmda authorities. Within the last three weeks, two unauthorized temple sanctuaries and gates have been constructed.

The india Herald was informed by activists defending the Khajaguda rocks that constables and site officers from the hmda arrived at the location and destroyed the unauthorised encroachments. Both the Fakhruddin baba Dargah and the Anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple trust, which maintains a temple on a section of the Khajaguda rocks, constructed gates without the HMDA's approval.
In one week, the commissioner will be in Khajaguda Rocks. However, the hmda has currently destroyed the illegitimate gates. They made the decision to act and seize control of it. The activist, who wished to remain anonymous, said, "The temple people were also filling up their side of the premises with soil to extend their site."

HMDA to take control of Khajaguda Rocks finally
The hmda or the state government is in charge of protecting the historic and significant Khajaguda Rock Site, which is situated inside the city's boundaries. It can't be changed, and any work done there needs to get hmda clearance. It is said that the rock formations in this area date back millions of years. The construction of the two little temple sanctums began on january 22. The activist said, "Two makeshift huts that a contractor erected while building a road there are still there.

According to information received, the hmda is also taking action to stop antisocial individuals from stirring up problems near the Khajaguda rocks. It is probable that in the upcoming days, guards will be stationed there continuously. Protesters protesting the demolition staged several demonstrations in january 2022. They also put up signs quoting a telangana High court decision requiring the state government to make sure the site is safeguarded.
The site also had to be fenced after a survey was to decide its boundary by the HMDA. However, that is also yet to be done.

Khajaguda rocks history
In hyderabad, Fakhruddin Gutta, sometimes referred to as Khajaguda Hills, is a protected cultural site. Hikers, rock climbers, hikers, and others adore it and visit it frequently. However, encroachment has been causing devastation to the area for more than ten years. The location near Nanakramguda, hyderabad, has rocks that date back several million years. The indian School of business (ISB) in Gachibowli and the amazon hyderabad campus are both within a 20-minute drive apart. In addition, the Khajaguda rocks offer a breath of fresh air in the middle of the busy, concrete-filled IT corridor.

Additionally, the hyderabad Climbing Championship, which is becoming more and more well-known throughout the nation, is held there. The multi-million-year-old rock formations in Khajaguda are distinct in a number of ways. In telangana, a number of cave systems are created by the slow weathering and breaking away of granite in hillocks rather than by the flow of water.

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