The only dumping yard in karimnagar, a city of over 5 lakh people, has turned into a potential disaster that is worrisome for locals as mountains of unchecked trash keep piling up. The responsible agency has vanished, despite the decision to purify all trash to minimize it altogether. It appears that biomining is not yet finished because the stationary machines are no longer functional.

The growing amount of trash not only endangers the environment, but it also fills the surrounding neighborhoods with smoke, upsetting the locals. Garbage is piling up every day at the karimnagar Municipal Corporation's dumping yard near Kothi Rampur, ramagundam Bypass Road, to unsafe heights. The main gate was so full that overflow forced dumping along the Manair River, where the smoke and fire threats caused months of agony for the local population.

Trash is gathered from throughout the city and sent straight to the landfill. Everything else is brought in here, except the products that are sold in dry garbage. After sorting, it appears that around 110 tonnes of garbage are collected each day. Even though the dumping yard was promised to be cleaned, there doesn't seem to be any chance of it getting cleaned up anytime soon, therefore other places are required. In addition to encroaching on homes and businesses, the issue has alarmed the locals, who are requesting that the new administration find a long-term solution.

Given the severity of the issue, Municipal Commissioner Niwas promised that the collector would be made aware of the dumping scenario. For the past four months, the dumping yard has been on fire. Residents in Alugunoor, hyderabad Road, Sadashivapalli, Kattarampur, Alakapuri Colony, Housing Board Colony, Manakondur Road, Kothirampur, Pochamma Wada, and Kaman regions are therefore being affected by smoke. Water is sprayed by fire engines, tankers, DRFs, and jetting machines if there is still fire. Diseases and smoke are spreading to the nearby areas.

The Smart City Corporation launched bio-mining less than 18 months ago with an R.16 crore budget, but it has encountered difficulties. According to Smart City Consultancy, there are conflicting claims indicating that 91,000 metric tonnes have been treated, but only 62,000 metric tonnes have been certified. In addition, the biomining process has stopped since May of last year, and the equipment that was previously paid Rs 2 crores for cleaning efforts is lying idle and corroded.

The city is now dealing with the fallout from a stalled biomining operation, which is reflected in the enormous amounts of untreated trash that remain after the one-year deadline for cleaning the dumping yard has passed. Residents in Autonagar continue to be concerned about the dumping yard because they worry about the unpredictability of smoke releases.


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