Telugu State residents are already experiencing the heat of summer due to rising temperatures in the region. On Sunday, the average temperature in some regions of telangana surpassed 37 degrees. This week, the weather service predicts that the temperature will rise over 40 degrees. Concerningly, on Sunday, the highest temperature in the districts of Siddipet, Mulugu, and Wanaparthi reached 39 degrees. 

The average temperature has surpassed 38 degrees in the remaining districts. The weather service has issued a warning, advising people to stay vigilant since the conditions will stay unchanged for the next five days. The greatest temperature of 46.3 degrees was reported in the bhadradri Kothagudem area on May 18, the previous year. It is rumored that more registrations may be accepted this time.

The maximum temperature ever recorded was 35.7 degrees in march of the previous year. On march 3, it went beyond 37 degrees this time. The maximum temperature of 42.6 degrees was recorded at Dasturabad mandal of nirmal district on march 31 of the previous year. It is notable that during the first week of march this year, the temperature hit 40 degrees. ghmc reported a temperature of 34 degrees on Sunday.

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