In the telugu States, the sun's intensity has increased. The sun is scorching at the start of the current month. In vijayawada, the mercury levels have become more intense. The city has seen a drop in temperature within the last week. The daytime temperature was reported at 33.6 degrees Celsius five days ago. 

The city's citizens are now having difficulty since the sun has been over 35 degrees Celsius for the previous few days. The meteorological department authorities have stated that there will be more temperature increases in the upcoming days. On sunday, vijayawada had a temperature of 37 degrees Celsius.

The maximum temperature of 39 degrees Celsius was recorded in the districts of Siddipet, Mulugu, and wanaparthy in telangana State. However, the nighttime temperatures are considerably higher than usual. According to the Met Department, the heat wave's severity is expected to persist from sunday through Thursday. Experts predict that this summer will see record-breaking temperatures.
 The effects of summer are causing the sun to burn in the Anantapur area. The area of rayalaseema has the highest temperatures. The following five days are expected to see an increase in temperature, according to Met authorities. The health department advises taking the necessary safety measures to protect oneself from the extreme heat. The sun is increasingly growing dimmer in the telugu States.

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