Lately, the telugu audience has not been able to connect with many films, which has left the tollywood box office high and dry. However, several potential films that are aiming for a theatre release make this upcoming weekend one to be optimistic about. This month's eighth will see the release of Gopichand's Bhima and Vishwak Sen's Gaami, as well as the telugu version of the Malayali movie Premalu. 

Gaami appears to be a cutting-edge endeavor with excellent manufacturing values. A portion of the crowd is considering this movie because of its impressive trailer from earlier. Regarding Gopichand, he hasn't had many achievements to show for his recent weak filmography. Speaking at the press conferences, he came off as quite confident about the film Bhima, which marks his comeback to the mainstream genre. It remains to be seen how well the movie does. 

Next is Premalu, which had a profound effect on the Mallu people. Although it may appeal to young people to some extent, there hasn't been much excitement among the telugu community before its debut. Each of the three films that are being released this weekend has a distinct audience and falls into a different genre. It remains to be seen if they can entice the crowd to the theatres and stop the dreary last few weeks.


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