Sunil Dev Dhar, a prominent bjp leader, recently expressed his displeasure during a flight when the crew failed to correctly announce the name of the airport. Taking to social media, he posted a video of the incident and urged the Union Ministry of Civil Aviation to address the matter with the airline.

In the video, Dhar is seen advising the indigo flight crew to pronounce the name of the airport correctly, emphasizing "Veer Savarkar international Airport." He drew a parallel with other airports like indira gandhi international airport and suggested that recognizing Savarkar's name upon arrival in andaman would be appropriate. Dhar also sought validation from fellow passengers, who reportedly supported his viewpoint.

Taking the matter to Twitter, Dev Dhar questioned the inconsistency in airport announcements. He pointed out that when the plane reaches Delhi, the name of indira gandhi is announced, and similarly when it reaches Hyderabad, Rajiv Gandhi's name is mentioned. However, he questioned why the name of Veer Savarkar was not announced upon reaching Port Blair.

The social media post garnered various responses, with some acknowledging the valid point raised by sunil Dev Dhar. Others, however, offered contrasting opinions, asserting that Savarkar had collaborated with the british and had not actively fought for India. These comments reflect the diverse perspectives on historical figures and their contributions to the country's freedom struggle. The incident highlights the intersection of politics, history, and public discourse in the modern era.

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