Telangana is in dire need of water to irrigate standing crops during the Rabi season since all of the state's main reservoirs are drying up as a result of persistent consumption and a lack of rainfall. If the current trend persists, Hyderabad, the capital of the state, will experience a shortage of water, and drinking water will become an issue in many other areas of the state as well.
A revanth Reddy, the chief minister of the state, had earlier pushed the authorities to take the required action to prevent the water crisis in Hyderabad. In a report to the telangana government on march 27, the agricultural department stated that the state was getting closer to a drought-like condition as a result of less rainfall during the northeast monsoon season.
The northeast monsoon's actual rainfall from october to december was 52.70 mm, or a shortfall of -53.45%, compared to the report's data, which shows an average normal rainfall of 113.20 mm.

In telangana State, the northeast monsoon typically provides 14% of the state's yearly rainfall. The North-East Monsoon's typical normal rainfall from october to december is 113.20 mm, while the actual rainfall is 52.70 mm, indicating a shortfall and an overall departure of -53.45%, according to the study.
The actual rainfall from january to february was recorded by the agricultural department as "1.1 mm as against normal 12 mm with a deviation of -90.83% overall status being Scanty."
"The normal rainfall should be around 3.9 mm between march and May 2024, which is considered a hot season, but only 0.2 mm of rainfall has been received so far," the research stated.

Water levels in nearly all major reservoirs—Srisailam, Jurala, and Nagarjunasagar in the krishna basin, Sridapasagar, Sriramsagar, Nizamsagar, Mid-Manair, Lower Manair, and Kadem—have plummeted due to the decreased rainfall, even if water use has been going at its usual rate.
As of march 27, 2024, the total storage in all of the main reservoirs is 287.06 TMC; at the same point in the previous year, the storage was 434.13 TMC. The reports said, "The water levels in all major reservoirs as of march 27, 2024, are furnished hereunder."

The farmers' only remaining choice in light of these conditions is to use groundwater irrigation. However, that would also cause the state's groundwater levels to drop.
According to government statistics, the state's average groundwater level was 7.34 feet in february 2023 and is now 8.70 feet in february 2024.

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