One of the most stunning and prosperous actresses in the entertainment business is pooja Hegde. The diva never fails to enthrall her followers with her exquisite looks. No matter how successful or unsuccessful she is, she still has a sizable fan base among young people who are drawn to her attractive appearance, slim body, and dark skin. There were rumors last year that pooja hegde was engaged to a cricket player and went on a romantic date with him. To the great relief of her followers, those rumors proved to be just that—rumors.

On the other hand, new rumors about pooja Hegde's love life are now circulating. Some sources claim that she is in a relationship with bollywood actor Rohan Mehra. They have been spotted visiting hotels and eateries in mumbai and driving about as a group. tara sutaria and rohan mehra were allegedly in a relationship, however, it appears that they are no longer together. A video of him and pooja hegde in a car has been making the rounds on social media, leading some to believe that he is now romantically linked with the actress.
 Many of pooja Hegde's dedicated admirers are devastated by the news. Some are disappointed and wonder why she went with such an ordinary person. They may have been a better fit for her, in the opinion of many admirers. In bollywood, rohan mehra hasn't achieved much success yet, and a few of his films have failed. Fans of pooja hegde don't have to be devastated because neither she nor rohan mehra have formally acknowledged their relationship.

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