Will Special Intelligence Branch (SIB) central figure T. prabhakar Rao, who is seen as a major actor in the phone tapping case, turn himself into the police? The police officers who have been detained thus far have stated that they followed prabhakar Rao's instructions. It is known that prabhakar Rao claimed to have followed instructions from the previous administration when he recently spoke with an American investigative officer. The investigating officer recommended that prabhakar Rao either write an email or travel to hyderabad to provide the police with his side of the tale.

In two to three months, prabhakar Rao—who had earlier stated he was receiving cancer treatment in America—is anticipated to return to Hyderabad. According to reports, prabhakar Rao would turn himself in straight to the DCP of the West Zone, much like former task force DCP (OSD) Radhakishan Rao did. Investigating officials had previously been told by prabhakar Rao that he would return from America when his cancer treatment was over. 

But there are concerns about the abrupt choice to give up and head back to Hyderabad. prabhakar Rao was persuaded by someone who spoke with him to turn himself into the police before things got more complex, stressing that other accused people could not be granted bail until he did.

Additionally, he said that prabhakar Rao's homes are being examined and that it would not be in his best interests to involve Interpol. It appears that prabhakar Rao consented to go back to hyderabad after receiving assurances that the police would take care of his case without any issues. It is rumored that until one of the accused becomes an approver, it may not be feasible to prosecute the masterminds of phone tapping.
If prabhakar Rao or Praneet Rao agree, they might be regarded as approvers in this situation. It appears that the tapping problem has been divided into intelligence and operations by the investigating officials. The intelligence component involves prabhakar Rao and Praneet Rao directly, whilst the other accused fall under the operations category.

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