In a few days, it appears that the telangana phone tapping case will take a significant turn. Notices will be issued to former minister and BRS Working President KT Rama Rao very soon if the current reports provide any indication. About this matter, ktr and two other former BRS Ministers could also receive notifications, according to the reports.
KTR has acknowledged listening in on some thieves' calls, claiming, "We may have tapped calls of a couple of crooks." I'm not sure. According to reports, the police department decided to issue ktr with notifications for his suspected involvement in the crime after considering these claims carefully.

Even chief minister Revanth reddy took the case seriously, announcing that if ktr and his group were found guilty, they would be sent to the Charlapalli Jail. In this case, a few police personnel have been taken into custody thus far. Based on the present situation, BRS leaders may be arrested shortly as well.

Prior to this, ktr acknowledged phone tapping in a meeting. He quickly clarified his remarks, though, by stating, "I don't know." Congressmen have been raising a lot of noise over phone tapping, treating it as a global con. Yes, it's possible that some calls were recorded. I'm not sure. Well, what's wrong with listening in on criminals' calls? That's what the cops are for, right?" inquired KTR.

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