Pawan Kalyan, the president of Jana Sena, said that some people are trying to stab him and his security detail with razor blades. Speaking at a gathering in Pithapuram, Pawan asserted that a few persons who come to see him in big numbers always enter the crowd with knives, putting him and his security guards at risk. He believed that Y S R congress party members were responsible for these actions.
Pawan Kalyan asked his followers and admirers to follow certain guidelines when snapping pictures with him. He committed to meeting with up to 200 individuals each day and assured them that he would make time for everyone. Supporters of the Jana Sena expressed worry in response to Pawan's remarks. They are urging that Pawan take extra security measures and exercise caution.

Allocating tickets within the party becomes a tricky issue, especially when the party is coming into elections with an alliance. With his thirty years of expertise, tdp President chandrababu naidu is well-suited to oversee this procedure. His capacity to placate and persuade leaders who may not be granted tickets is demonstrated by examples like Tenali, Nidadavole, and Pithapuram.

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