Telangana chief minister A. revanth Reddy, a known stronghold of tdp supremo N. Chandrababu Naidu, has chosen to proceed with landpooling for the musi river Front Development Project through a private-public partnership. Apart from this, the congress administration has chosen to repeat the landpooling along the musi river since it proved to be successful, and this would benefit the Musi Riverfront development project.

In order to expand Andhra Pradesh's capital city, Amaravati, Naidu also instituted landpooling. The project's implementation will be supervised by the capital Development Region Authority (CRDA). Under Naidu's leadership, the tdp government purchased nearly 30,000 acres to build the nation's capital. The Musi riverside will be developed as a tourist destination and public transit corridor, according to the administration led by revanth Reddy. Large tracts of land would be needed for this.

A drone scan has been conducted to locate government lands in order to carry out the project. Subsequently, land would be obtained through landpooling, and the landowners would get compensation in the form of a share of the developed land inside or close to the project. Land pooling has proven advantageous for several development initiatives in different American cities.

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