Extreme heat for the next 3 months..!? ap severely affected..?

The indian Meteorological Department has warned that india will experience intense heat for the next 3 months, and some states will be severely affected. The summer heat has been burning in many states of the country for the past few days. Unable to cope with the effects of intense heat, people are struggling. india Meteorological Department has warned that there will be intense heat in india for the next 3 months and some states will face severe damage. Accordingly, Central india, North india, and parts of South india will record high temperatures. The Meteorological Department further said that the country will experience extreme heat during april to june and the Central and Western Peninsular regions will face the worst impact. Speaking about this, the director General of india Meteorological Center Mrityunjay Mohapatra said, “Heatwave is expected for 10-20 days in various parts of the country, which is normal for 4 to 8 days.
As the lok sabha elections are going to be held in the next few days, Union Earth Science minister Kiran Rijiju has said that precautionary measures have been taken against the heat wave. Continuing, he said, "We held a two-day meeting with the state governments regarding the heat wave and advised on it." Gujarat, Central Maharashtra, North Karnataka, Rajasthan, madhya pradesh, Odisha, North Chhattisgarh, and andhra pradesh are predicted to be worst affected by the heat wave. Central South india is also expected to experience above-normal maximum temperatures in most parts of the country during April. Regarding the current heatwave conditions, Rijiju said, "As per our projections, a large part of the country will be affected by the heat wave, including states like West Bengal, Odisha, andhra pradesh, Maharashtra, madhya pradesh and Karnataka."The india Meteorological Department has said that the maximum temperature will be below normal to below normal in parts of the western Himalayan region and northeastern states during April. According to the Meteorological Department, central india and adjoining northern plains and many parts of south india will experience more of the usual heatwave days in April. Gujarat, Maharashtra, North Karnataka, Odisha, West madhya pradesh, and andhra pradesh are predicted to experience the worst impact of heat waves in April. It is noteworthy that the lok sabha elections in india are held in seven phases from april 19 to june 1.

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