As former prime minister manmohan singh prepares to retire from the Rajya Sabha, congress President mallikarjun Kharge wrote to him on Tuesday, complimenting his contributions to the nation. Kharge said, "An era comes to an end" in an X post following Singh's retirement. The head of the congress party added that the former prime minister would always be regarded as a "hero" by the middle class and young people with big dreams.
 "I hope that even when you step down from active politics, you'll still be our nation's moral compass and wise voice by engaging with the people as much as you can. As he posted his message to Singh on X, Kharge added, "I wish you peace, health, and happiness." In his letter to Singh, who will finish his 33-year journey in parliament when his tenure expires on april 3, Kharge claimed that the present group of politicians "who have reaped the benefits of your work are reluctant to credit you due to political biases".

According to Kharge, Singh's retirement marks the end of an era.
Few people can honestly claim to have served our country with greater commitment and dedication than you. You have done more for this country and its citizens than most individuals have," he remarked.
"A leader and guide to the industrialists and entrepreneurs, and a benefactor to all those poor who were able to climb out of poverty due to your economic policies," Kharge said in the letter, manmohan singh would always be a "hero" to the middle class and the aspiring young.

"You have demonstrated that economic policies can be pursued that benefit big industry, young people starting their own firms, small businesses, the salaried class, and the impoverished equally. You were the one who demonstrated that even the impoverished can contribute to the development of their country and escape poverty," the head of congress remarked.
He said that during your tenure as prime minister, India's poverty rate has dropped to 27 crore, the highest in the world, as a result of your measures.

He stated that rural labourers are still receiving assistance during difficult times from the MGNREGA programme, which was introduced by the manmohan singh administration.
"The nation and particularly the rural poor will always remember you for ensuring that they can earn a living and live with self-respect through this scheme," he said.
According to Kharge, Singh's calm strength and dignity in the prime minister's office would be missed by the country.

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