Sriraj Nilesh, a YouTuber from Hyderabad, received an uber car charge in Bengaluru totaling more than Rs 1 crore. Nilesh was astonished to learn that he had been charged Rs 1 crore for a 10 kilometre journey in the metropolis after arriving at his destination. He tried to contact uber customer service, but got no response.
Then, the irate uber user took to social media to share his story. "We used the UberApp to reserve a short-distance autorickshaw. Upon arriving at our location, we were taken aback to see a cost of Rs 1,03,11,055, even though we had been told Rs 207 initially," Nilesh expressed his annoyance.

There have been similar incidents in the past. A few days prior to the Hyderabadi YouTuber disclosing his experience, a Noida-based uber user reported receiving an invoice of Rs 7 crore.

According to the guy, deepak Tenguriya, the uber vehicle journey initially cost an estimated Rs 62. But after the journey was over, he was billed an astounding Rs 7,66,83,762. ashish Mishra, a friend of Tenguriya, posted a video of the encounter on social networking site X, expressing his shock at the accusations.
Uber India's customer Support apologised in the midst of a commotion. customers have been reassured by the organisation that it is actively looking into the problem in order to make things right.


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