As temperatures rise throughout telangana, the india Meteorological Department (IMD) in hyderabad has issued a heatwave warning for the second time in the last week. The weather service issued the warning, and it is good until april 6.

Telangana to receive rainfall after heatwave, forecasts IMD Hyderabad
Furthermore, on Sunday, april 7, the meteorological service has predicted that the state will see thunderstorms, lightning, squalls, etc.
The telangana State Development Planning Society (TSDPS) reports that yesterday's high in the state's districts was 43.5 degrees Celsius, with the district of nalgonda recording the highest temperature.
Jogulamba Gadwal, Wanaparthy, and nizamabad were among the other districts where temperatures were beyond 43 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures in hyderabad crosses 41 degrees celsius
In hyderabad, temperatures surpassed 41 degrees Celsius. The following are the areas that experienced high temperatures.

Due to El Niño, a climate pattern, the IMD has forecasted a rise in temperatures not only in hyderabad but also throughout India.

El Niño causes the trade winds to diminish. Warm water is forced eastward and towards the American west coast. Spanish for "Little Boy" is El Niño. In the 1600s, fisherman from South America discovered periods of extremely warm water in the Pacific Ocean. El Niño de Navidad was the full term they adopted because El Niño usually peaks around December.

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