Telugu Desam party, Jana Sena party, and bharatiya janata party, the three partners of the National Democratic relationship (NDA) in Andhra Pradesh, have a very shaky and short-lived relationship. This was the view held by none other than ambika Krishna, a former mla and senior bjp leader.
He stated that although the national leadership has disregarded the desires of the party workers, the bjp leaders and cadre in each of the 175 assembly constituencies are adamantly opposed to forming an alliance with the TDP.

Given that the tdp has the potential to win a sizable number of seats in Andhra Pradesh, a number of bjp leaders have written to the national leadership to express their strong opposition to the agreement. But the coalition was established. However, he claimed, "the bjp workers are not happy."
Krishna declared that no bjp employee will support tdp candidates in the upcoming elections.
They won't adhere to the alliance dharma; instead, they will vote in accordance with their conscience. This is certain," he remarked.
It is ironic to note that ambika Krishna was an mla twice and had a lengthy history with the TDP. He was not given any significance in the tdp following the split of the united state, thus he joined the BJP.

It goes without saying that ambika Krishna did not receive the bjp ticket for the current election.
He remarked, "It's not just me; a lot of other sincere bjp leaders haven't received party tickets for the upcoming elections."

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