Campaigns and political trips are physically and psychologically taxing. Even the hardest-bitten politicians will have their hands full fighting in tactical warfare and against oppressive climates. Unfortunately, Pawan Kalyan's health does not support his desire to run for office. He has been sick frequently, which has interfered with his election planning.

Only a few days prior, Pawan had to return to hyderabad from pithapuram due to vertigo. But he recovered swiftly, and the following day he went back to conduct a campaign in Pithapuram. However, it is alarming because Pawan has become unwell once more today, with a high temperature this time. He is presently receiving medical attention from a team, and they have recommended that he stay in bed for two to three days. As a result, he will not be able to attend the scheduled political meetings in Tenali.

Pawan has previously had health declines at pivotal moments. Pawan encountered similar difficulties even in the 2019 campaign. He was occasionally required to take part in political campaigns while wearing a saline injection on his hand. Furthermore, Pawan has experienced episodes of back discomfort and eye problems recently.
Major worries include Pawan's recurrent illnesses and his incapacity to support lengthy political excursions due to his health. Unfortunately, Pawan's health problems keep him from fully participating during an election season when every hour counts.

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