The claims of phone tapping against the former BRS administration and, primarily, ktr, have picked up steam in the recent several weeks. Since cm Revanth has made it apparent that he won't spare anyone connected to the matter, ktr is feeling the pressure following the arrest of a few high-ranking police officers in the phone-tapping case.
In light of the seriousness of the issue, ktr has decided to convene a press conference and provide a detailed update on the phone tapping claims made against him and the former BRS administration. When it came to the subject, ktr threw cold water on all the allegations made by the opposition political party that they were conducting phone tapping operations on tollywood heroines.

"It is increasingly evident that individuals in positions of authority are pursuing a purpose to disparage and defame me." They are alleging that I tapped heroes' phones in order to put pressure on them. Why should I come up with workouts involving tapping phones? ktr said.
The former minister of information vehemently refuted the accusations of phone tapping against him and stated that he was never in contact with or ordered a phone tap on a heroine. He assured his opponents that there would be dire repercussions and said that he is looking into legal options for responding to the accusations made against him.

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