One more day, and another National media Survey indicates that TDP+ will win the majority in Andhra Pradesh. telugu Desam and its allies are expected to win an overwhelming victory, according to india Today's Mood of the Nation Survey. Out of the 25 seats available in Andhra Pradesh, TDP+ is vying for 17 seats, while ysr congress is limited to just 8. These figures are identical to those from 2014.
According to C-Voter's Yashwant Deshmukh, comparable numbers are anticipated for the assembly Elections as well. According to the survey, 41% will vote for the ysr and 45% for the TDP. bjp, congress, and Others at 2%, 3%, and 9%, respectively. In Telangana, congress is the only option. Ten of the seventeen seats in congress are predicted by the study.

Only three will go to BRS, three to the bjp, and mim will keep its hyderabad seat. congress had 41% of the vote share, followed by BRS (29%), bjp (21%), mim 3%), and Others 6%. The BRS Vote Share has drastically decreased in comparison to the most recent assembly Elections.

The telugu Desam and Jana Sena diverged when the bjp announced Bhupatiraju Srinivasa varma as its candidate from the narasapuram constituency. Since they were running for raghu Rama krishna Raju, the leaders of the tdp and JSP are not happy that Srinivasa varma received the ticket.

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