In a recent podcast with an news agency, Union Defense minister Rajnath Singh delved into critical issues, particularly focusing on India's approach towards pakistan and the pervasive problem of terrorism. Singh expressed India's openness to aiding pakistan in its fight against terrorism if the neighboring nation finds itself unable to tackle the issue effectively alone. 

He stressed the imperative for pakistan to take proactive measures to curb terrorist activities within its borders. Should pakistan require assistance, Singh emphasized India's willingness to collaborate in confronting this shared challenge. He underscored the significance of bilateral cooperation in eradicating terrorism, emphasizing the geographical proximity and mutual interest in ensuring regional security and stability.

Furthermore, Singh reaffirmed India's steadfast stance against terrorism, asserting that india will not tolerate the presence of terrorists on its soil. He reiterated India's commitment to taking all necessary measures to prevent terrorist activities and safeguard its citizens from harm.

Through his remarks, Singh conveyed India's pragmatic approach to regional security and the importance of collective action in addressing transnational threats like terrorism. He emphasized the need for pakistan to demonstrate a genuine commitment to combating terrorism and expressed India's readiness to support constructive initiatives in this regard. Singh's statements reflect India's resolve to foster peace and stability in the region while remaining vigilant against the scourge of terrorism.

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