Etihad Airways, a prominent global airline, found itself in an unexpected situation when a 6-year-old girl, daughter of Mark Ross Smith, CEO of Loyalty Status Company, rated the airline with only 1 star out of 10 in her review. The unique feedback, filled out by Mark's daughter herself, garnered attention both from the airline and on social media platforms.

The young traveller's review, shared by Mark on a social media platform, highlighted her experience flying in business class with Etihad Airways. Surprisingly, her dissatisfaction did not stem from the airline's services, but rather from missing her school friends during the flight. She lamented the absence of children's food, particularly chocolates, and noted the absence of amenities like a hot towel and pajamas. Additionally, she expressed disappointment over the delayed start of in-flight entertainment and compared Etihad unfavorably to Emirates, which had given her chocolates.

Etihad responded to the adorable review with humor and warmth, promising to address the young traveler's concerns. They pledged to consider bringing her school friends on future flights, ensuring an abundance of chocolates and extending an invitation for a "Reunion in the Sky" at the boarding gate. The airline acknowledged the challenge of satisfying such a discerning reviewer but remained hopeful for a higher rating in the future.

The interaction between Etihad Airways and Mark's daughter exemplifies the power of social media in facilitating lighthearted exchanges and highlights the airline's commitment to customer satisfaction, even among its youngest passengers.

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