A measure establishing a 33% reservation for women in elections was recently adopted by the parliament and will go into effect with the general elections of 2029. Nonetheless, the current state of affairs seems disheartening for women running in this year's elections, especially in Telangana. Merely six contenders from the three main political parties are vying for votes in the state's 17 lok sabha seats.
The six women standing for the three major parties in the forthcoming general elections are Congress's Kadiyam Kavya (Warangal), BJP's DK Aruna (Mahbubnagar), Athram Suguna (Adilabad), Patnam Suneetha Mahender reddy (Malkajgiri), BRS's Maloth Kavitha (Mahabubabad), and Madhavi Latha (Hyderabad). The troubling situation for Telangana's female legislators is shown by this tendency. With any luck, the 33% reservation will take effect in 2029 and make things better for female leaders.
In the next lok sabha elections, the ruling congress party is hoping to win as many seats as possible in Telangana. The four lok sabha seats that are part of the Greater hyderabad area are the party's primary emphasis. A fresh strategy has been devised by the leaders of congress to win at least three of the four seats in the Greater area. Senior congress officials and local BRS leaders are in frequent communication for the same reason.


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