Just before the elections, ysr congress social media is going crazy. It is influencing the public mandate by selling a lot of phony polls that purport to show the success of the ysr Congress. Since it is difficult to persuade individuals to participate in these polls through traditional routes, companies are turning to Eenadu. A video depicting the same etv typeface and graphics was released. They played the film on a tv (perhaps with the use of a USB drive) and taped it so that it would appear as though they did it during the etv survey since people do not take these kinds of bogus videos seriously.

To take action against the miscreants who are deceiving the public by leveraging their brand repute, eenadu has contacted the hyderabad Cyber Crime police. eenadu and ramoji rao are referred to as members of Dushtachathushtayam by jagan Mohan Reddy. However, the ysr congress acknowledged that unless they were marketed under the banner of a reputable station like etv, people would not trust these phony polls.
 By the way, they claimed that the Central Government's Intelligence Bureau carried out the phony survey. Remarkably, IB never gets into doing election surveys. Many ysr congress and I-PAC social media accounts may be in danger right now for releasing the phony survey video.


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