Mrunal Thakur, who starred with dulquer salmaan in Sita Ramam and natural star nani in Hi Nanna, has emerged as one of the most popular figures in the telugu film industry. Family Star, a telugu film that starred Mrunal Thakur and vijay deverakonda as the major actors, was just released. But the family drama was unable to keep them from having a terrific chance.

Mrunal Thakur just posted some images and videos from the movie sets. She disclosed in the post that she didn't only play the role on tv but experienced it. Take a peek! "Moments of me as Indu, moments of Indu as me," said Mrunal on april 11 after posting several pictures and brief videos from the Family Star set to Instagram. Do you know who is who? I feel an emotional connection to every character I portray on television. I have to go into Indu's shoes and walk a mile in them to inhabit the part.

The actress went on to say that it was difficult to accept Indu into her life as a character at first, but that she gradually sought to comprehend it and that once she did, she never looked back. She went on to say that she was now reluctant to leave Indu's role. "I hope you enjoyed watching Indu as much as I enjoyed walking in her shoes," the actress stated as she wrapped up her message.


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