The top slot for ladies in tollywood has recently been up for grabs. Who will take this coveted post is something we've been anxiously anticipating. Following Sita Ramam and Hi Nanna's extraordinary success, many believed Mrunal Thakur would win the title if her film "Family Star" was successful. 

She sadly lost out on the fantastic chance, though, as the movie ended up being a complete flop. Although "Animal" was a huge hit for rashmika mandanna on a national level, it wasn't a telugu movie. She should, however, benefit greatly from pushpa 2's impending release.

Sreeleela had a bright beginning, landing major roles in films like "Guntur Kaaram," but a run of setbacks hurt her prospects. janhvi kapoor appears to have a good chance of taking the top slot as well, particularly if her films "Devara" and "Ram Charan" do well. sai pallavi is an additional formidable competitor; nonetheless, she deviates from the conventional commercial heroine archetype and appears in very few telugu films.

The more recent heroines, who often only appear in one or two films, are still being established. It appears that the throne will stay empty for a few more months because there isn't much competition for the top slot.

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