Did mumbai cheat in the toss? Srinath who flipped the coin..!?

Srinath, who umpired in Mumbai's favor during the toss against RCB, has been accused of flipping the coin. In the match against RCB, mumbai won by 7 wickets. In this match, the mumbai team chased the target of 197 runs set by the RCB team in 15.3 overs and achieved a fantastic victory. Various criticisms were leveled at RCB's bowling in this match. Similarly, despite Mumbai's performance, the decisions of umpires Nitin Menon, vineeth Kulkarni, and Virender Sharma have caused controversy. akash Madhwal made some mistakes trying to block a boundary from RCB's Rajat Pattidaar. When his body touched the boundary, the ball also stuck to his thigh.

But no bounty was given. Similarly, in the last over, the deflection of the ball bowled by akash Madwal was clearly a no-ball, but the 3rd umpire declared no-ball. But the ball was in a different place and the deflection was in a different area, which cast doubt on the confidence of the umpires. In this situation, the activities of the umpires in the toss between the RCB-Mumbai teams have caused controversy. RCB fans are accusing the umpire Jawaharlal Srinath of reversing the coin toss when he picked it up. Some videos related to this are also being shared on social media.
In that video, Jawahl Srinath took the coin and turned it completely. But instead of looking at the coin as it is held in the hand, Srinath is sure to look at the coin upside down. Due to this, the fans are upset that the umpires acted in favor of the mumbai team by deceiving the RCB team in the toss itself.

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