Spy on revanth reddy with 25 people..!? phone Tapping..!!

Sensational matters are coming to light in the matter of phone tapping. It seems that a special surveillance team of 25 people was formed and surveillance was kept on revanth for 24 hours. Sensational things have come to light in this case. Some more shocking things have come to light in the case of phone tapping in Telangana. The police have already arrested several senior police officers and started an investigation. In this process, the SIT has increased the speed of investigation. It is in this order that sensational things have come to light in the SIT investigation. The police found that the 25-member special team kept 24-hour surveillance on revanth Reddy's movements. The SIT officials found that revanth reddy has been involved in phone tapping ever since he was appointed as the tpcc chief.
Similarly, it seems that Praneet Rao's team has given the details to kcr after knowing where revanth reddy is going and who he is meeting. Especially.. in this surveillance.. who is providing financial sources to the congress party? Moreover.. it was revealed that they were constantly knowing their information and giving it to KCR. It seems that the SIT investigation revealed that during this period, revanth reddy got information about the movements of the family members from time to time and reported it to the Rose party leaders. It is reported that Etela Rajender was under surveillance for 24 hours after he switched to the BRS party.
Besides.. who else is involved in this phone-tapping affair.. and how many politicians' phones have been tapped by the police? Meanwhile, on the other hand, they are denying that they have anything to do with the phone tapping of BRS leaders. They attacked the BRS leaders as they were defaming them.

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