A punishment of Rs 5,000 has been imposed by the hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWSSB) and the hyderabad municipal corporation-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>greater hyderabad municipal corporation (GHMC) for homes and flats that are found to be squandering drinking water by keeping taps open and tanks overflowing. 

Sources claim that every morning, representatives of the local government would survey residential neighborhoods to see whether any water was being carelessly dumped into the roadways. If evidence of water waste is discovered, officials will photograph the home or flat even when the owners are not there. Additionally, ghmc has created posters to inform the public of the new law and motivate people to save water so that the city won't have a water shortage.

Telangana, which is having trouble meeting its needs for drinking water in the sweltering heat, is going to karnataka to ask for the water flow from the Narayanpur dam across the krishna River. chief minister A. revanth reddy requested on friday that authorities confer with the karnataka government over the release of water from the Narayanpur reservoir to meet drinking water demands since there is now no water available in the krishna basin.

After reviewing the state's drinking water status, the chief minister gave the officials the go-ahead to take preventative steps so that there would be no drinking water issues in any of the cities and villages. Given the intense heat, he issued a warning that the next two months will be very important.

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