In the kadapa Parliament, YS sharmila and YS Sunitha are actively campaigning. With the express intention of unseating YS avinash Reddy, the conspirator of YS vivekananda reddy, and jagan Mohan reddy, who is defending him, sharmila is running for the seat herself. Sunitha is giving the ysr congress a lot of trouble as she campaigns for sharmila as well. There are rumors that if Sharmila's vote share surpasses 10%, the tdp might win Kadapa. It indicates that sharmila is eroding the ysr Congress's support base.

Sharmila could prevail if tdp cooperates. jagan cannot afford to do it in any case. The ysr Family's bastion is the kadapa Lok Sabha segment. Since 1989, it has been a part of the YS family. In the 10 elections held since 1984, the family members have triumphed each time. YS Bharathi will campaign in pulivendula in an attempt to counteract the effects of sharmila and Sunitha. On this month's 22nd, jagan will submit his nomination; following that, Bharathi will camp and campaign in Pulivendula. To assist avinash Reddy, the goal is to raise Pulivendula's majority as much as feasible.

According to reports, the problems between Bharathi and sharmila are the primary reason for the enmity between jagan and Sharmila. From the time the ysr congress took office, Bharathi has attempted to reduce the size of Sharmila. It's said that Bharathi was instrumental in everything from fully seizing control of sakshi to denying sharmila any inheritance. There is talk in the pulivendula that jagan was coerced by Bharathi to defend avinash Reddy in the YS vivekananda reddy murder case.
 Therefore, Bharathi and Sharmila's family feud will be witnessed by kadapa Lok Sabha shortly. Rumour has it that avinash Reddy's bail could be revoked before the elections. The ysr congress will suffer a severe blow if it occurs. It will not only affect the kadapa polls, but it will also shape the storyline for the state's elections. In an affidavit submitted to the telangana High Court, the cbi requested that the bail be revoked. This month's end will see the case's hearing. Since jagan was elected chief minister in 2019, Bharathi has been limited to matters about tadepalli and Sakshi. It will be the first time she is going to the people. She was forced to go to the people due to Avinash.

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