The nellore district, like Rayalaseema, has been a stronghold for the ysr congress since its founding. This has always been the case with congress, and it has been transferred to the ysr congress following YSR's demise. Although the tdp won the 2014 elections, the party was only able to secure three of the ten seats in the district; in 2019, the party came up empty. Nevertheless, nellore is one district where the change started. 

A year before the election, we witnessed sitting MLAs from the ysr congress, including శ్రీధర్ రెడ్డి' target='_blank' title='kotamreddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kotamreddy శ్రీధర్ రెడ్డి' target='_blank' title='sridhar reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>sridhar reddy, Anam ram Narayana reddy, and Mekapati chandrasekhar reddy, depart from the party and join the TDP. Vemireddy prabhakar reddy, the ysr congress district leader, just joined the TDP. These new members signify a tdp wave unlike anything seen in the district previously. jagan airdropped vijayasai reddy from vishakapatnam to nellore to minimize the damage. Similar to the 2014 election of YS vijayalakshmi from the vishakapatnam Parliament, this is a damage control measure.

However, Sai Reddy's reputation was never positive among the people of Andhra Pradesh. He served as Jagan's auditor and second accused in each of Jagan's lawsuits. jagan installed him in delhi so he could communicate with the central government and push back the cases. jagan therefore put him forward for two rajya sabha nominations. Such persons are typically seen negatively by the general population. They seldom really shine in electoral politics, but they could be helpful in the back rooms of political parties. Sai reddy is now dealing with the same issue. Suddenly, they attempted to change their image by offering tv9 an exclusive interview.

Rajinikanth is an expert at doing these staged interviews on TV9. He has a reputation for interviewing politicians in an attempt to influence public opinion before elections. In delhi, there were attempts to present Sai reddy as a leader instead of someone who works as a middleman for Jagan. In the past, Sai reddy would use the foulest language on social media. In an attempt to project a softer image of himself, he has made several interview comments. However, it seems from the feedback that the interview was not very effective

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