BRS Working President K.T. Rama Rao (KTR) was asked about the impending andhra pradesh Assembly elections and who he believes would win during an interview on TV9's "Crossfire" program. In response, ktr said that he views everyone there as friends and that it seems like a tough battle. He stated that he thought Andhra Pradesh's citizens were knowledgeable and would make a sensible choice.

Speaking about his relationships with notable Andhra politicians, ktr called chandrababu naidu a senior figure, Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy a brother-like figure, and nara lokesh a buddy. He spoke about pawan kalyan in a similar fraternal way. ktr emphasized that he hopes the decision benefits the people of andhra pradesh, regardless of the winner. He jokingly said that he doesn't have a vote in andhra pradesh when asked who he wanted to win.

He reflected on the solidarity shown throughout the telangana struggle and cited the BRS's victory in winning every seat in the hyderabad region as evidence of their robust local backing. ktr voiced his conviction that the people of andhra pradesh are even more intelligent than those of telangana and capable of making the correct decision, and he emphasised the significance of both states thriving after the split.

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