The governing party workers' quiet uprising against congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress party nominee Nedurumalli ramkumar Reddy, along with a lack of good leadership, is probably going to assist tdp win the venkatagiri assembly constituency. Recall that the son of the late Nedurumalli Janardhan reddy, the former chief minister, was selected by the YSRCP high command to succeed Anam Ramanarayana reddy, the existing MLA, who had defected to the tdp for the venkatagiri seat.
Kurugondla lakshmi Sai priya, a new candidate put out by the tdp, is the daughter of Kurukondla Ramakrishna, a former venkatagiri tdp MLA. In the beginning, local tdp officials believed that since she was born in the Sullurpet constituency, winning the seat may be difficult. Sai priya, a recent political newcomer, is the prominent businessman B ganga Prasad's daughter-in-law.
However, once senior YSRCP leader Mettukuru Dhanunjaya reddy disassociated himself from party operations, the circumstances in the constituency changed to her advantage. In venkatagiri, the YSRCP was forced to field a non-local candidate in Nedurumalli ramkumar Reddy following Anam's departure from the party for a variety of reasons. ramkumar Reddy was born in the Guduru assembly constituency, in the Vakadu mandal.
 In the seat, the incumbent party is also up against anti-incumbency due to the lack of growth during the previous five years. Nedurumalli ramkumar Reddy, the YSRCP's nominee, is running a solo campaign in the seat after several community leaders, including Mettukuru Dhanunjaya reddy, withdrew from party activities due to disagreements with the party's nominee.
In a triangular race in the 2014 elections, Nedurumalli ramkumar Reddy ran on a congress ticket from the venkatagiri seat and received just 5,375 votes. lakshmi Sai priya is a member of the Kammas community, which is largely concentrated in the Dakkili and Balayapalli mandals within the constituency.

Additionally, she should have little trouble winning the next election because of the reputation that her father, Kurukondla Ramakrishna, has built. Four times since the party's founding in 1983, the tdp has won the constituency. Kurugondla Ramakrishna (2009 and 2014), VVRK Yachendra Velugoti (1994), and Baskara Saikrishna Yachendra (1985) are the winners. The constituency consists of six mandals: Kaluvaya, Rapuru, Sydapuram, Dakkili, Balayapalle, and Venkatagiri. There are 2,49,253 voters in all. 

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