Chief minister YS Jaganmohan reddy was hit with a stone by an onlooker. cm Jagan was stoned while he traveled to Singhnagar as part of the bus yatra. cm Jagan was extending his greetings to the folks from the bus when the stone assault occurred. Yet the stone struck cm Jagan's eyebrow with great speed.
CM Jagan may have been assaulted with a cat ball, according to suspicions. The stone struck cm Jagan above the eyebrow in her left eye, and mla Vellampalli, who was standing next to cm Jagan, sustained injuries to her right eye as well. First assistance was administered to cm Jagan aboard the bus by doctors right away.

Following the first aid, cm Jagan resumes the bus ride. For cm Jagan, crowds gathered in Vijayawada. A massive road performance featuring cm Jagan has been going on for three and a half hours in vijayawada city. The YSRCP leaders in vijayawada claim that the tdp factions chose to launch an attack because they could no longer handle cm Jagan's widespread popularity. The election Heat is on and the campaign is done by various parties in full swing. Jagan's bus Yatra has got a good reception among the public. 


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